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Steps to US Naturalization

Steps to US Naturalization

Do you want to become a US naturalized citizen? If so then it’s important for you to take the right steps to achieve that goal. As when applying for a visa or a green card it’s important that you know which steps you must take in order to have the best chance of your application being approved. Here are some of the main steps:

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This is one of the most important steps because if you’re not eligible to become a naturalized citizen then it wouldn’t be logical to apply to become a US citizen. In most cases, you must have a green card needed for permanent residence before you apply for US citizenship. So it’s important to make sure you’ve reached this step first. If you find out that there are reasons why you wouldn’t be eligible for US citizenship then it’s important to take steps you can solve those problems. It can include various issues like a minor crime or breaking your continuous residence by spending too much time outside the US. There are various issues so make sure to solve any problems to give you the best chance of being approved for US naturalization. After you’ve verified that you’re eligible for US citizenship then it’s important to complete the N-400 file with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). This is the first form that you’re required to complete. It costs $640 to file your US naturalization application (2017) and there’s also an $85 biometrics fee. Attach one copy to your valid green card. It’s important for you to secure a digital fingerprint as part of your background check. The fingerprints are then processed with the FBI as part of a background check. This is another important step in the process of applying for US naturalization. After you’ve been fingerprinted you’ll get an appointment date/address for an interview at a US embassy/consulate. The officer will review your N-400 form and verify answers to all questions. There’s also a test of English and US civics. If you’re approved for US citizenship after the interview you must attend a big public ceremony. That’s where you and others will give an oath that swears your loyalty to the US. You’ll then receive a certificate of naturalization. Finally, there’s the issue of whether or not you need to hire a lawyer in order to apply for US citizenship. In most cases, it’s not required. However, if you have any question marks regarding your background then it’s something that you should consider. If you don’t hire a lawyer then it’s important to make sure you have all the information you need to complete the process.

The good news is you can still consider consulting an immigration attorney about various issues related to your application for US naturalization. Even if you don’t hire an attorney for the entire process it’s helpful to get some legal advice about any questions or concerns you have.